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about us
Marianela Maldonado
Artistic Director
Erica S. Connell
Artistic Director

Wonderland stage & screen provides programs that unlock and explore imagination. Within the framework of the program, participants delve into imagination to create characters, locations, scenes and stories. We believe that children are wonderful storytellers, and they are encouraged and guided to create their stories into production.


Along with this in-depth exploration, the program adds valuable hands-on training in technical aspects of theater and film. Kids today are surrounded by advanced technology from the earliest learning experiences. This active participation and hands-on technical experience will equip participants to step into the future of technology and entertainment.


Wonderland stage and screen is a primer for a new media that integrates the real (live theater production) with the virtual (film). The student-driven, project-based format is an asset to step into the world that is coming- where the lines between virtual experience and reality blur.


Erica and Mari met because their children quickly became fast friends. Consequently, they forged a friendship on the playground and during after school activities. Sharing a passion for their children, the creative process and both theater and film, a natural partnership was formed. With Mari’s background and experience in filmmaking and Erica’s in stagecraft, they began to explore opportunities to not simply work together, but to do it in a way that allowed quality time with their children while also passing their craft on to another generation in a dynamic and meaningful way. They are both especially fond of the writing process, and the ways in which it can open up young people’s imaginations.


Contact us now to register:

(805) 455-4338 - (805) 443-3182


Ventura, California

Kids Summer Camp 2017

9am -4 pm

Ages 9 -13

>>Short Film Camp

June 19 - 23

>>Animation Camp

June 26 - 30

>>Play-In-A-Day Camp

July 10 - 14

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