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Jordan brand to join its fashion unique player Russell · Westbrook (Russell Westbrook), launched the second generation of his signature shoes leisure Westbrook 0.2. "Even if one day I retire, I will continue to keep the love of fashion." Westbrook said, "I'm honored to be with Jordan brand again to launch second signature shoes i." Westbrook 0.2 from the Jordan brand of the classic shoes draw inspiration: the upper Air Jordan design inspiration comes from VI cheap foamposites , and the Air Jordan I KO sole design, collocation double stitching leather and suede blend. I and the design team draws inspiration from the world, hoping to create a children and adults can wear style. For the design of 0.2 Westbrook, I hope it is high shoe, simple design, can be in the shoes of collocation of different materials and textures." Westbrook logo on the tongue front is highlighted, and the tongue interior has his credo "Why Not?" "To salute his chari Retro jordans for sale table foundation. BAPESTA Low BAPE's classic shoes, although the type of shoes and Logo have a "copy" of NIKE Air Force 1 the feeling of deduction. But many of my friends in the deepest impression is its flamboyant color design! One of the reasons that this pair of shoes Street exposure may not be very high is that it is not enough to all-match, but even if this pair of shoes to control is in place, you may be moving the focus. It is reported that this series of sh Cheap air jordan 12 ovo oes three OG color will be officially on sale in August 12th, as shown on the official website of BAPE style, you can buy. Before it's too late, dear friends may wish to a decision about a breakthrough to wear their own style?two days before the exposure of the Air Jordan IX 'Doernbecher' must have luxury appearance gave us a deep impression, but this time by custom Mache design Air Jordan VI name "Pollito Jiminez" once again let us see the embodiment of the classi cheap jordans for sale mens c elements, this shoe body in front of white leather as raw material, followed by collocation. The classic golden laser feather patterns, JUMPMAN and LOGO on the body of the shoe heel of the lifting rope is also a golden ornament collocation, black in the bottom of the same color on the crystal base, the overall feeling is even more luxurious texture. 2012-10-30 10:28 upload and download attachments (228.1 KB) Does remember the military training boot SFB Boot cheap jordan shoes for men launched by NIKE?! This time he came back and introduced the new color version again, "Sage"". The new "Sage" in the choice of color closer to the military version, the Israeli green color for the whole pair of main colors, ultra lightweight design, the size of men's 9 is only 15.9 ounces heavy. In addition to its lightweight properties, it has more quick drying material properties that can be adapted to various training sites. At present, this new color matching cheap jordans online SFB Boot is expected to be officially released on September 23rd at latest Primeknit on the top of the tubular nova is probably the most recognized and up-to-date, and if you look at the following picture you can see the first color feature above Primeknit. The first is black and grey, pink and tabs, the next all black upper and an olive and tab, and third blue green and black on the combination. All three pairs have white outer bottom to provide Cheap air jordans for sale some contrast. do you like what you see with Adidas tube Nova Primeknit in the comments below let us know what you think "Asian footballer" Li Huitang, native of Guangdong Wuhua, Meizhou Yin, one of the eight, 1905 was born in Hong Kong, 1.80 meters tall, Secretary striker. He loves football, was gifted, studying and training two. In 1921 admitted to the development of football wide Queen's college. In 1922 the South China team began a career. 1923 selected China t cheap jordans for sale eam, respectively in 1923, 1925, 1930 and 1934 to attend the sixth session of the seventh, ninth, and tenth Far East Games of football, 4 times as Chinese team won the championship. In the seventh Far East Games was named "Asia Star" both at home and abroad. As of 1936, Chinese team participated in eleventh Olympic Games Football tournament. 1925 years, joined the Shanghai Lequn football team. In 1926 in Shanghai to form the Chinese football team and served as capt Retro jordans for sale ain. In the same year led the team in Shanghai was the first horizontal flow scoto cup, beat by foreigners laks team, opened the Chinese football team beat foreigners team record. Return to Hongkong in 1931 to join the South China team and served as captain. 1936 was elected vice president of the Asian Football association. In 1937, the left tibia was kicked into a fracture. Return to the court held in 1938 for the Anti Japanese disaster relief charity. 1941 refuse Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping d to return from Hongkong Guangdong puppet show home. Li Huitang in 1928 proposed a resounding statement: "football is our country the best movement, the Far East Lian Jie of the seventh, and the annual Shanghai and Hong Kong China team champion title full citation and correct the, we further know football, it is recognized that millions of people. So in the name of it, to the football crown by China Guoyi title." These words are based on Li Huitang . "The Far East Lianjie seventh" is refers to the Chinese football team has held 8 sessions of the Far East movement, from the 2nd to the 8th, won seven Championships, in Asia have no rivals, Chinese people regarding the favorite football has come to crazy situation. Li Huitang, in the book, he was the chief editor of "soccer" narrative way: "since the boycott opened, the coastal ports will be with the infection of football. The new sports input in China, has to be considered football as the first, so because football is the earliest, instilling the longest relationship. No wonder is movement in China is now the most popular and the most admired of the, not to mention of football informal when, is not optional, regardless of the size, amount regardless of the stadium can hold a contest. " football whether rich or poor, everyone has the opportunity to, although the site equipment sometimes is not very perfect, but improvise, the same can be for the later tournament officially do some preparation. Li Huitang himself is usually said from playing baseball began, hours of Li Huitang, with partners in the village starting from kicking grapefruit, stuffed with cloth socks football ", trained a body pointers. "School returned and proximity dating comrade, to clothing and footwear as the goal, sideline to Ditch Road, Chi run Britain flutter and joy and forget to eat, have today's achievements, mostly in the 〉

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