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Adidas in action, although this action fast enough. According to CCTV related personnel revealed in mid-June, as long squirrel tail General Li Ning company logo, have disappeared from the CCTV Olympic Channel host clothing, a period of approximately three months. these three months, happens to be the Beijing Olympic Games sprint July, August and the Paralympics held in September held time, a "Li Ning labeled" the greatest marketing value of three months. On the other hand, it has more than 20 branch Chinese national team apparel sponsor Nike right suddenly found a state system called Beijing Century Sporting Goods Quality Certification Center (abbreviation of NSCC) certification of Mork Aires sword, hanging from under his head. After this only through the relevant certification by the relevant departments of the State Sports General Administration jointly funded the establishment of the company, to be eligible to become China's national sports teams of each sponsor. Adidas, Nike, Li Ning ???????? (Olympic resources), or two birds with one stone, Adidas, Li Ning, while playing, while hit Nike? We do not know the story behind. cheap jordans for sale mens But what is certain is that: With the approach of August 8 Beijing Olympics dates, sponsor equity Adidas is constantly releasing an unprecedented power. Anti hidden marketing: Adidas undervalued "ambition" Li Ning mark hanging CCTV Olympic Channel, the industry has been seen as this Chinese mainland's largest sporting goods company's Olympic marketing wonderful forward. the end of 2006, determined to win because bids unbeatable Adidas, Li Ning, missed the final Beijing 2008 Partners. As Adidas said "double giant" Nike does not seem keen on the official Olympic sponsors identity, they even chose to withdraw sponsorship rights to compete in the Li Ning Company. However, it retains 14 world champion Chinese gymnast Li Ning record, the founder of Li Ning company also has a strong network of resources in the domestic sports circles. Soon, Li Ning, the company held a press conference to announce that beginning in 2007, until 2008, Li Ning, the company will sponsor the CCTV Sports Channel (New Year's Day in 2008 to the Olympic Channel) moderator and photographed reporters clothing. Li Ning's "non-sponsor" Raiders thus opened the cur cheap foamposites tain. Since then, a number of investigation reports show that since 2007, Li Ning brand by consumers as the official sponsor of the Olympic rankings, often ranking survey forefront. In sharp contrast, even though Adidas is the official sponsor, but its marketing has always been considered a lack of intensity: the sponsorship resources, although there are Chinese women's volleyball team and the Chinese football team, may Nike has more than 20 branch Chinese the national team clothing sponsorship, Li Ning gymnastics, table tennis team, shooting team and the Chinese diving team gold medal four large; the spokesperson, Adidas pushing Hu Jia, could not even win an Olympic candidature national diving team; As for communication with the media, think German consistent way of thinking and style of doing things, is enough to understand the media for interviews for this Beijing 2008 partners how headache. However, Adidas has never made secret of his ambitions. The Group Chairman Herbert? Heiner in March 2007 to accept an interview with Deutsche Presse-Agentur said that the company regarded the Asia's largest growth market in the coming ye Cheap air jordans for sale ars, to 2010, the group's turnover in Asia from the current increase of 2 billion euros to 3.5 billion euros. And China as the most important of Adidas in the Asian market, by 2010, Adidas will achieve a turnover of one billion euros in China. To this end, Adidas will in the next three years, the China of Adidas and Reebok store stores increased to 5000 and 2000. "By the end of 2007, several major sporting goods companies, Li Ning store in the country has more than 5000, but its sales of only 40 million; in the same order Adidas the number of stores, reaching 2 to 2.5 times the Li Ning Company's operating results, the difficulty is not small. "An industry veteran told reporters, Adidas store currently in the country to about 3,000. But taking into account the recent Nike and Adidas products are price trends, the store has basically covered the major cities, in order to achieve 2010 sales of 1 billion euros by increasing the number of second and third tier stores, the situation is not Herbert? Heiner think of as optimistic. But Adidas really in action, and the identity of both worlds revolve around its official Olympic partners. cheap jordan shoes for men Li female senior manager of Adidas 2008 Olympic project has revealed that Adidas has a brand protection team, mainly with some law enforcement agencies continue to communicate, to protect the interests of the company. For 2008, during the Olympic Games, adidas think there will be a lot of unexpected incidents may occur, so the entire anti-ambush marketing activities, Adidas will be of great intensity. In addition to the daily brand protection team, Adidas will also set up a separate team, in collaboration with the Beijing Organizing Committee of the anti-ambush marketing department, to protect the interests of their own brands. "Before sponsor Olympic Channel, we consulted various parties, including some legal research institutions, including the Olympic Games, our partnership with CCTV contract is guaranteed, but considering the Olympic Channel is the official Olympic Games channel, and CCTV Li Ning company also has long-standing good relations of cooperation, we are also internal communication, sponsorship of the Olympic Channel and may be suspended for three months. "Li Ning Company official said that Li Ning specific consultat Retro jordans for sale ions are being explored with CCTV , but you can guarantee it is that competitor's trademark, including Adidas, Li Ning will not appear in the standard disappeared during this time, it will not appear in the Olympic host and photographed reporter channel relevant body. The new enclosure movement: Nike existing resources siege cake Li Ning, Nike and Adidas, are aimed at the professional performance of brand objectives. And best embodies the brand sports professional, obviously not obtained Adidas clothing and fourth official Olympic awards, volunteer clothing sponsorship, but the Chinese Olympic delegation 28 national team clothing sponsorship. And now, a NSCC certification, will likely become a new opportunity for each branch of the national team apparel sponsor of the existing pattern of China to re-shuffle. "This is two different things." Director of the State Sports General Administration of Sports Equipment Center Maji Long said. The same time as the Chinese Olympic Committee Marketing Commission director Maji Long, did not answer NSCC certification could lead to change in the situation: after 2009, if the 28 national team a cheap jordans for sale pparel sponsor have to re-bid, the existing more than 20 national teams Nike sponsorship rights The reduction, perhaps inevitable. "in the past often have sports teams sponsored in part reflect the product can not meet demand for the use of athletes, can not guarantee their rights and interests." State Sports General Administration related to sports management center, he said, "It is in order to ensure the introduction of NSCC certification sponsor quality products, to fill sponsor supplies no quality control blank future, get NSCC certified companies and organizations are eligible to sponsor Chinese national team at all levels is a general trend. " For the reporter's interview, (China) Co., Ltd. Communications Director China at all levels of the existing resources of the Nike team up to sponsor sports Zhu nearly Qian chose silence. Li Ning Company is also the winner of vested interests. Li Ning sponsored by the Chinese table tennis, gymnastics, diving and shooting four national team, called the Chinese Olympic team's gold medal "Dream Team." This four gold medals "dream team" to win, and more than half the total number of Olymp Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ic gold medals the Chinese delegation. Li Ning, a more positive attitude: May 29, the 22nd China International Sporting Goods Show (the "Sporting Goods") is on, Li Ning became the first high-profile announcement of the NSCC certification The sportswear business. As the rapid rise of the domestic sports goods new army, ANTA also eyeing. Anta Brand Management Center Director Xu Yang admits, for Anta, it is not the pick, but to compete rob; now the main sponsor of the domestic CBA, Volleyball and Table Tennis Super League Anta, will not give up any chance of a good sponsor. In comparison, more concerned ANTA basketball, athletics, badminton and tennis fields. According to the aforementioned senior analysts, Nike's sales in the country now should be $ 1 billion to succeed, 7 billion yuan slightly; Adidas has more than 50 billion yuan, about 4.35 billion yuan, Li Ning, Anta 3.18 billion Yuan. The four companies belonging to the first army domestic sporting goods, sports redistribution of resources around the 2008 Olympic Games after expiring, the four fight is the main attraction. In fact, the Chinese Olympic Committee, and indeed Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping have to re-adjust each branch in the national team apparel sponsor pattern to maximize the interests and needs. Fair precursors, new commercial emblem of the Chinese Olympic Committee and from 2009 to 2012 the market development plan have been released; and after the Beijing Olympic Games in the great success of market development ripening, the domestic sporting goods consumer market with promotion of national spending power and favored, and grow and rise of Li Ning, Anta and other domestic sporting goods company strength, resource reallocation new "Warring States" era inevitable.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; receiving awards in the highly anticipated Olympic Since the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, along with the Chinese Olympic athletes Olympic podium again and again, they are dressed by Adidas Olympic Games, Chinese sports delegation to accept the award service provided has become the focus of attention. August 8, 2008, when the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Chinese sports delegation receiving awards first appeared in the Beijing each Adidas sold at retail stores for the average consumer, immediately set off a nationwide frenzy cheap jordans online Olympic receiving awards heat. Driven by receiving awards selling, sales Adidas other Beijing Olympics-related merchandise are unprecedented. Chinese characteristics, combined with contemporary Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Chinese sports delegation to accept the award suits the overall design of gorgeous atmosphere, not only embodies the spirit of Chinese athletes, and highly Chinese characteristics and contemporary. Main colors from the flag of red, yellow and white, with a distinct symbolic meaning; clouds "rising" design pattern, creating a rhythm, there is tension in the visual effects and become the crowning touch. In the production, the receiving awards in all the individual printing, hand-sewn; and in order to get a better visual effect, Adidas make use of costly high-tech digital printing technology to complete receiving awards patterns and colors printing. In the production, the receiving awards in all the individual printing, hand-sewn; and in order to get a better visual effect, Adidas make use of costly high-tech digital printing technology to complete receiving awards patterns and colors printing. "2008 together, no Retro jordans for sale thing is impossible" Chinese sports delegation to accept the award reflects the popularity of the service of people across the country participate in the Olympic great enthusiasm, expressing the Chinese people Chinese Olympic athletes who love and blessings, I hope they are in the arena of the Beijing Olympics Yuezhanyueyong, get more good results, so that the Olympic receiving awards again shine on the Olympic podium. Again, this cohesion good wishes of millions of Chinese people receiving awards, but also the Adidas "2008 together, nothing is impossible," the best proof.announced on Friday that NIKE, Diggins, Brittney, and Elena Delle Donne, who signed the Tulsa shock team, were officially Nike's newest members of the Griner basketball team on. This time Schuyler Dekins exposes a Nike Kobe 8 System, this is her first NIKE player version boots, shoe body with engineering net surface of golden color, while the black interior collocation and in the bottom of the mosaic decoration, red wine Swoosh shoes in the rear, translucent silver powder rubber outsole is striking. 2012-3-30 16:34 upload and download the attachment (167.06 KB) New Balance; this year it is a strong return of the year, NB recently repeatedly and major fashion brands in cooperation, we must make the NB become the daily tracking of the brands, and today saw partner is from Canada brand K- WAY. K-WAY products have waterproof function to reputation abroad, the joint works chose U420 to be engraved, reference to the classic K-Way Claude, on a leisurely suede uppers designed bump texture of the "N" logo, with ultra light nylon materials of waterproof features, K-WAY Logo printed together the tongue shaped, made in 80s the last century Retro texture, everywhere embodies the characteristics of simple and extraordinary. In addition to U420 windbreaker for special supplement, fresh and simple design and shoes are the best partner. New series in End Clothing official website for sale, you may wish to pay more attention to it. immediately going to summer, how to let the younger sister to tease me, in addition to the figure is good, have to wear good clothes, but look at the closet before the summer all feel old, but also open buy buy buy mode, even if eat dirt, I also want to buy, who let me want to wear good-looking!!!!! I have nothing to do with small is a partner, together with me to buy a single product in summer. Xiaobian take you to find out the popular elements from the fashion show. let's start from the design point of view 1, mosaic patch elements Junya Watanabe2016 and speaking of splicing elements past those can not afford to buy cloth to make clothes for poor people, only around to collect the pieces of cloth, spell a piece of clothing, or patch pile a patch, eventually became the new clothes. After years of fashion designers from this originally reluctantly moves inspired. It is used in street fashion, or with the color mosaic, or fabric splicing, seems to show the harmony of dissonance. This is suitable for some elements to emphasize their personality tide people, a piece of clothing should be able to show your personality. When the influx of people to buy clothes on your body, not only to be suitable for their skin color figure, but also the unity with your own personality. Recommended brand Junya Watanabe, in addition to the sign I recommend, you can also go to buyers shop or go shopping to find suitable for their own clothes. two, fringefringe can be said to be the classic elements, no matter what time are popular. whether you are covered with stripes or one or two stripes, are suction eye artifact. The stripes of the choice, in addition to stripes, and diagonal stripes. The color is a lot of choice ah, we choose according to their own body. Relatively speaking, vertical stripes look fat, thin horizontal stripes. Diagonal stripes classic brand Offwhitethree, exaggerated pattern design summer wear a T-shirt, ceiling eye is nothing more than a cut or pattern, cut too pick people, not to buy clothes ah!!!! Bad wear will be considered non mainstream!!! So, with exaggerated patterns. Recommended brands: Marcelo, Burlon County Givenchy of Milan Off-White,, KTZ4, special tailoring in recent years, because of the popularity of the simple style, more and more people began to concern clothes tailoring the design, although there are white or black clothes, but because the cut is not the same, upper body effect are not the same. Recommended brands: Rick, Owens Y3, Liful clothes if the design is different from the above, the price will be more expensive.

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