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There is a well-known Nike myth: in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike headquarters in the four-storey unseen pair of shoes, the employees are busy only do two things: one thing is to build a global marketing network, and the other thing is to manage its worldwide company. Not a production equipment, Nike Corporation to create a worldwide empire. A pair of Nike shoes, producers can only get a few cents of revenue, by virtue of its global sales, Nike Corporation was able to get dozens or even hundreds of dollars in profits. However, those companies will be regarded as an outstanding case of Nike's people may forget to follow suit, and in 1982, Nike had gone through a difficult phase, Adidas, Converse, Reebok enemies waited for opportunities, sales have fallen sharply, in many people's eyes, Nike is a "setback, the internal morale of the second-rate manufacturing enterprises." cheap jordan shoes for men Nike's response is to decentralization, increased product variety, to promote the product line differentiation. From the original basketball shoes in recent years the main changes to the golf supplies series, and Tiger Woods as a spokesperson, while strengthening the promotion of soccer shoes to meet the football population increase. Soccer Sporting Goods Series is currently the turnover has been as high as $ 1 billion, a 25% share of the global market, but also up to 35% market share in the European market. Under the change management strategy, the company with a 18-month period the situation stabilized, from 1993 to 1997, Nike's sales were explosive growth, rising from $ 2,000,000,000 to $ 9,000,000,000. In addition, and many businesses, Nike, accelerated expansion by acquiring other companies, following after 1988, Nike, Cole Haan, have been acquired, merged Retro jordans for sale with Bauer skates manufacturer company in 1995, 2002 acquisition of skateboards and apparel manufacturer Hurley International companies, and acquired the sneaker maker Converse Inc. in 2004. Nike's strategy is to seek the acquisition of those products can complement each other, similar management style, as well as certain research and development capabilities of enterprises, and take advantage of the acquisition to suppress opponents. Nike's business in the present structure, Cole Haan shoes have already achieved sales of approximately $ 300 million, and Nike was originally bought the company spent only $ 80,000,000; The Converse company before being acquired, its sales have been declining, but after the acquisition, but there was a 25% increase. Not only that, Cole Haan's Nike footwear products can be integrated into advanced shoe just technology, such as Bauer cheap jordans online and Hurley International companies have their own R & D center, Nike introduced new products at the time, mostly with reference to their professional design advice, And just to make up for the Nike Converse canvas shoes in the field of white. After the initial buy Cole Haan later, Nike wishful thinking throughout his own in the Cole Haan, and follows extensive management model, resulting in: In the merger process, Nike had also committed many mistakes strong dissatisfaction who, at the time of conflicts, Cole Haan Nike executives even demanded "Get out of the factory." After realizing his mistake after the Nike Group acquired companies adopt an open management style, and give it an independent rights. Nike company timely feedback to ensure the ability to regain market. In configurations as a business expansion mode and at the same time, Nike continues to transfo cheap jordans for sale mens rm the house, put a large shoe department is divided into several smaller departments, each in charge of a small department sneakers sport, accelerate the product development process. The entire operation of chain enterprises, Nike also be adjusted, especially the inventory control system and overseas sales system. Nike require dealers to be 6-8 months in advance to book 80% of its total sales, so as to give a 10% discount. This makes the situation well aware of Nike can order and have enough time to arrange, to avoid excessive inventory, save the card to get a good ex-factory price. In addition, Nike has taken in the production of a virtualization strategy, not all products manufactured by their own production, but all outsourced to other manufacturers processing. All personnel, material, financial and other resource companies together, concentrated into product cheap jordans for sale design and marketing to go, to cultivate the company's product design and marketing capabilities. The benefits of virtual enterprises is "with the greatest organization to achieve maximum power." An enterprise of their own limited resources, limited organizational structure, virtual enterprise to achieve a market strategy and composition, each member of which only acts as a part of the structure and function, through information networks, supporting production in accordance with the spatial distribution of virtual enterprise and complex logistical support, such as corporate structure and the establishment of traditional organizational structure compared to the cost advantage of a larger structure, greatly improving the competitiveness of enterprises. virtualization production, Nike will design drawings to the manufacturer so that they strictly according to the d cheap foamposites rawing style of production, and later by Nike OEM, and products through the company's marketing network to sell their products out. This model fully realize the complementary role. This strategy Nike's, saving a lot of productive investment and equipment acquisition cost, the outsourcing of production and processing of products for many enterprises in developing countries of Southeast Asia and other places, the use of cheap local labor, which greatly saves labor costs, This is also an important reason why Nike shoes at lower prices to compete with other brand-name products. Of course, we need to see is that the management of virtual enterprises, many special factors: The power of virtual enterprise from the traditional linear system into a coordinated system of equality, from the traditional up and down level relations into an equal and harmonious relations. Vir Cheap air jordan 12 ovo tual Enterprise Manager is no longer commands the publisher, but the coordinator of each other, virtual enterprises in order to play its advantages, must be knowledge management (KM), the excavation of the entire virtual enterprise and knowledge related to cooperation between the units, development, preservation, sharing, and other services, so that personal knowledge into organizational knowledge, to maximize integration of resources. Meanwhile, the cultural conflict on the negative impact of virtual enterprise virtual enterprise globalization strategy will fail. Thus, the creation of cultural synergy is particularly important. Facing an uncertain, changing partners, how to avoid the lack of communication of the information, conduct cross-cultural background, cross-regional communication and the success of virtual enterprise will play a very key role.Kolelinia is Cheap air jordans for sale a group dedicated to the search for alternative transportation system of young people set up the research laboratory, the headquarters is located in Tucson, Arizona. TeamKolelinia filed against them, it is necessary for everyone to introduce the team once in the 2009 London line of site building design competition winning design works - line of the bike, the team a, to the sun, the placement of a switch, to the Yellow River and the railing, to aircraft with a reverse gear, to the City long stick ceramic tile creative spirit, they will bicycle, cableway and urban traffic together, design the designed for daring to urban rapid transit systems. people riding a bicycle on ropeway driving, of course, is has a variety of protective measures, at the foot of the busy, bustling crowd... At the same time, they do the same for those who seek stimulation: understand Kolelinia Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping this team, we have to introduce the following is a bike they are going to design: Halfbike. You know, from the name, this is definitely not the same as a normal bike. overall shape of the point of view, Halfbike is definitely a fun than all the traffic. The unique design of the vertical driving mode is able to attract a lot of attention to the fun of riding a pure man. However, the design of such Halfbike, is unable to support the long distance running, generally for 1-3 km distance running; but considering the characteristics of it's light, the user can take it to the long-distance travel, travel occasionally use it for transport; designers are designed to take into account the user may take it in public transport, or take the elevator to climb the stairs, the overall design of the Halfbike is very compact, lightweight aluminum frame material used, after laser cut Retro jordans for sale ting is made of plywood manufacturing handlebar; in addition, three design is driving more smoothly, more simple to use, to complete through the rear wheel support tilt very smooth. designer Angelov Martin with his Halfbikefrom the introduction of video can be seen, driving Halfbike on the road, the speed is not slow, the adaptability of the road is also super.Earlier this year some time in April, which should double the Olympics because of the birth of Dunk High SUPREME had Shaolu Tau Kok, and has finally marketed Shoe central body made of nylon material, and the rest is used quite textured leather effect And the design in addition to black shoes, it is granted the use of five Olympic rings colors. Each color is the line into the gossip graph, and each has 8 small gossip ring, you can count them ^^ & nbsp; The use of the concept of gossip that can drive evil gossip of Kyrgyzstan, is a very good sign, and I think the Olympic Games on August 8 What are accompanied by 8 this figure should not over it! & nbsp; Source: Sneaker News enduro riding the prevailing, drivers need to face changing and steep road, to a solid wheel group is very important, so many manufacturers have launched specifically for enduro riding style tailored product wheel group, Vittoria Deamion wheel group is the one member. specifications wheel diameter: 27.5Rim material: Aluminum Alloy spoke: Aluminum Alloy : 2SB 4SBhub bearing: General /XD Kentucky Kentucky compatible flywheel tire compatibility: / tubeless tire opening systembrake compatibility: disc brake lock version drive: four pawlThe number of spokes: 28front and rear wheel: two way cross straight pull weight: before 810g after 940gapplies to: Lin Tao / endurance race retail price: 4300 yuan Deamion technology features VittoriaReady Tubeless supports vacuum tire and Speedlock:registered: security features ultimate performance: WSR wide frame design to enhance the grip and handling of can choose to support the XD Sram flywheel kit Vittoria Deamion rim internal width 21.5/ high width 28mm, cycling provide enough support and stability and can support current commercially available the maximum size of the tire. Speedlock:registered: patent of the frame surface technology for vacuum tyre in low pressure can be fixed in fetal frame sliding tire patent box surface technology has good sealing performance, the tube system installation becomes simple, first install the tire inflation was completely to air leakage requirements. ink style labeling of high-end atmosphere, licensed with two-dimensional code, the scan code can obtain detailed information of wheel groupVittoria AP drum design for a 28 hole number, using a straight pull type amplitude and central lock solid disc brake system (Centerlock:registered:, conversion to sextuple type system), has a good compatibility. Can provide higher tension, straight pull spokes with better rigidity, in any terrain riding can be confident. Flower drum Deamion using four pawl interlocking structure, to ensure that any angle can be rapid occlusion and narrowing of the ratchet engaged between the angle, let pedal strength fast and smooth transmission, four single bearing provided along the smooth and persistent rotational energy, the original factory using advanced grease has excellent water resistance and lubricity, ensure that the ratchet wheel and the ratchet always maintain the best condition, the inner drum is simple structure makes maintenance easy maintenance.

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