Programs 2018
YouTube Culture – $350

We’ll be continuing our YouTube Culture Class, in which students create their own YouTube Channel, practice creating content to post, and explore their online voice and interests. This is an ongoing Wonderland offering, packaged in 8-week blocks of classes. Starting Jan 11th, class will run Thursdays from 3-5pm.

Wonderland Animates – $350

This animation class focuses on the basics and intermediate levels of stop motion animation. Students explore their own stories in multimedia tools such as drawing, clay and their own physicality. This class is packaged in 6-week offerings, starting Jan 9th, and will be held on Tuesdays from 3-5pm.

Tell Me a Story – $250

Our Writing & Acting class has evolved into an oral storytelling class. We continue to cover the framework of storytelling: character development, location, conflict, and resolution, while also highlighting aspects of the oral tradition. Instead of writing formal scripts, we will record the stories via video in a monologue format. This class is offered in 6-week blocks, starting Jan 17th, from 3-5pm.

Let’s Make a Short Film – $550

Our Short Film class takes students from the idea and scriptwriting phase through professional production of a Short Film. Three instructors cover writing, storyboarding, costumes, props, set decoration, filming. Some students may choose to work in front of the camera while others explore work behind the scenes. Editing and sound are added once shooting is complete and we include the screening of our finished product. This class will meet on Tuesdays from 10am – 1:30pm for 10 sessions starting Jan 9th and ending Mar 27th. This is the only offering for Winter/Spring 2018. We must have 10 students enrolled to create a short film, so gather your friends and bring your story ideas.

Custom Classes

We offer any of the above classes to fit your schedule should you collect a group of 8 students (10 for Short Film) who want to work together. For custom classes, we are also open to other locations (like Oxnard, Carpenteria, Ojai or Camarillo) to fit your needs.


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