Jan - Mar 2017
Stage & Screen: Let’s Make a Short Film

This 9-week class meets on Thursdays

starting Jan 12

8-15 year olds



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Registration Fee: $30

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Stage and Screen is a student-driven, project-based learning experience. Participants work under 2 instructors as an ensemble to write and produce a presentation that integrates live theater and film.


They will explore and unlock their creativity by working through the entire production process. 

In small groups, participants will delve into the writing process to research and develop their own story ideas that they will present to the group. As a community, they will select one story to produce into a live stage production and short film entity.


They will learn storyboarding and other aspects of preproduction including choosing sets, locations, developing characters, costumes, makeup, lighting and camera work while preparing to shoot the film.


They will also step into acting and directing in the rehearsal process. Along with the wealth of technical skills development, the process will strengthen cooperation and collaboration amongst the ensemble. It will encourage and require participants to listen to others and to be heard.


We will develop community and encourage empathy and awareness of the world around us. Participants may increase their emotional maturity, confidence, and freedom to express their creative selves both verbally and physically.


They will explore their physical awareness through movement and character development. Participants will also complete a weekly worksheet for inclusion in homeschool packages. Course materials and production costs included.



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Ventura, California